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TheDogSpot was founded by Thorsten and Phillipp in September 2023. We are two passionate dog enthusiasts committed to sharing our knowledge and inspiring dog lovers around the world. We know that dogs aren’t just pets. They’re integral parts of our families and lives. The Dog Spot is dedicated to bringing you a treasure trove of information around your canine friend.
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Hi, I am Thorsten Baumgarten

Hello, I’m Thorsten. Dogs have been a part of my life since my childhood. Whether it’s training, nutrition, or behavior, I’m passionate about all things related to dogs. I firmly believe that each one of us can learn from dogs. Their unconditional love, joy, and loyalty are gifts they bestow upon us. My goal is to assist you in making the most of this relationship. You will benefit not only from my experiences but also from Manolito, my perfect four-legged companion.
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Hi, I am Phillipp Mühle

My experiences in the world of dogs started in my childhood when I grew up with them. This time ignited my passion for these wonderful creatures. Their loyalty and unconditional love have always fascinated and inspired me. I believe that taking care of a dog is not only enriching for our lives, but also a responsibility that comes with knowledge and dedication. This is what I want to share with you!
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Hi, I am Manolito

Treats, tricks, and cuddle sessions make me happy! My name is Manolito, and I’ve been by Thorsten’s side since 2021. Since then, I’ve been ensuring that his everyday life is more exciting, fun, and simply better! I bring a daily dose of enthusiasm, energy, and love to brighten your day. With my boundless zest for life, I inspire those around me to cherish every moment and find joy in the simple things.
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  • lovely Dog of Thorsten
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Grown up with dogs

Dogs have been shaping our lives for many years and the enthusiasm for the four-legged friends has grown stronger since then.Thorsten took Manolito or “Mani” into his family years ago and has been a loyal family member ever since. He gives a first-hand account of his experiences.Phillipp’s childhood was strongly influenced by dogs that lived in the household of his parents and grandparents. Since then he is fascinated by the faithful and loving creatures (unlike cats).The fascination for dogs gave us the idea to start our own dog blog and share our experiences and useful knowledge with you. It is fun for us to deal daily with the exciting topics around dogs.


You have questions or suggestion for a new articel or just want to share your own canine tale? We’d love to hear from you!